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You need a Java enabled Browser to use this chatroom( you can download the latest sun java machine here free of charge), please allow 2/3 min. for the chat applet to download. Whilst downloading you will just see a grey box....

Pre-arranged chat here : Mondays from 8pm GMT please join us!

You must log-in to chat using your registered Forum username and password.
If you are not a registered user, simply click the 'Register' button below to sign-up.

To enter the conversation: type your text in the box above and press return (enter)

Once you are in the chatroom you can run the chat client in it's own window by clicking the 'float' button, this allows you to continue using your browser. If you wish to place the chat window back in the page you should click the 'Dock' button NB: if the original chat page is not open you will be disconnected from the chatroom by using this command.

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