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With the continually growing popularity and number of visitors to this site, we thought we would provide a little information on the history and development of the site, and the people behind it..... screenshotThe site that was to become was launched in its first incarnation as in October 1999 by Simon Turner. Simon had recently completed a part time course in web design and was looking for a topic to build a website around. Being an enthusiastic owner of a Saab 900i 16v convertible, the Classic Saab 900 seemed as good a topic as any, so in a very short time was born!

Getting the site off the ground with information and content that would be useful and interesting to visitors was hard going at first, but thanks to people like John Daniels who contributed the majority of the early content, the site soon started to take shape. The site proved popular from the outset and with the help of contributions from site visitor's, the quality and variety of the content went from strength to strength. However as the site grew it soon became apparent that a major reorganisation and redesign was needed if the site was to continue to expand successfully.

First version of screenshotIn June 2000 the domain name was registered and the new look (version 1) site was launched. By this time Paul Whiter had joined to take on the design and technical sides to the site. The new site (version 1) was an improvement over the original design. New technologies were introduced to give the site a more consistent look and feel, making it much easier to navigate and use. More interactive elements were also added to the site to benefit the user. More and more interesting content was also being added all the time to help to keep the site fresh and informative. Also at this time, a big effort was made to promote the site to try and increase traffic as much as possible. A combination of the new design, more interesting and varied content together with the site promotion proved to be very successful. In the space of 6 months the traffic increased threefold! version 2!At the beginning of February 2001 the decision was taken to redesign the site again, mainly due to the fact that we felt that the predominantly black look to the site was starting to look dated. (Version 2) of was once again a big improvement over its predecessors incorporating much improved interactive elements such as the excellent 'phpBB' forums. grew tremendously under the new design and ever increasing content to the point where we were receiving 40,000 visitors every month. However the site slowly started to become a 'victim of it's own success', with the much larger demands being placed on the infrastructure of the site, it was beginning to show some cracks. At the same time we also felt that had gone as far as it could logically go based on one Saab model alone and that there was little potential left for developing the site further.

The new domain name was registered in mid 2002 and the site you currently see was launched in early August 2002. What you see today is the culmination of many many months of hard work, both on the design and development side and the gathering of new material to cover the new Saab models that were introduced with the re-launch of the site. Amongst the new features introduced with SaabCentral were the 'Dealer and Specialist' database listings, an improved classified advertising section and the latest version 'phpBB' forums, plus much, much more.

We would like to thank all our visitors for continuing to support SaabCentral. It is quickly becoming the number one online Saab resource for all Saab owners, standing as it does at nearly 1000 pages of content. We will continue to do all we can to ensure this expansion and growth continues long into the future.

SaabCentral is run in partnership by:

Simon TurnerSimon Turner who currently lives in the South of France. Simon previously worked in the Electronics Industry for over 10 years and was co-founder of Simon looks after the collation of the the site content and is constantly on the look out for new and interesting material to add to the site. You can .

Paul WhiterPaul Whiter lives in Northamptonshire and has previously worked as a freelance web designer and was also a co-founder of Paul is responsible for the design aspects and technical running of Saabcentral. Paul currently owns a 2003 Saab 9-3 Sports Saloon. You can .

If you really want to help to support the running costs and the development of Saabcentral, you can do any or all of the following:

Thanks for your support!

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