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Ok, Chris 9-5 over in the 9-5 forum had a great idea.

Please list the modifications to your ng900/9-3 here in the following format:

Model Year:

Engine Mods:
Chassis Mods:
Other Mods:

Please stick to the format!
Please do not post pictures!
Please put factual info only!

This will help other members who may PM you with questions about your modifications / upgrades

If you upgrade later, just edit your post.
No asking about other peoples mods or anything. This is just for reference so no need for any other posts other than listing what you have done.


(Thanks Chris)

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Model Year: 1994
Model: 900 SE V6
Transmission: Manual
Mileage: 118,000 miles
Location: Portland, ORegon
Engine Mods: Rebuilt, but stock with drop in K&N
Chassis Mods: Koni Kit (Intrax Lowering Springs and Koni adjustable shocks) Greenstuff brake pads, double stack rear sway bar, 17" double three spoke wheels, daul exhaust (y'd at rear axle after cat and 1st stock muffler)
Other Mods: Wood Dash? (not much of a mod) Leather Shift boot, currently installing saab catalog kit (and molding it, ongoing project), Viggen antenna

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Model Year: '96 ng900
Model: 2.0 Turbo
Transmission: 5-speed
Mileage: 122K miles
Location: Maryland
Engine Mods:
3" intake mod w/ Flare
K&N Panel Filter
Removed Turbo Silencer (Deleted due to Viggen IC)
MBC+A (Deleted due to upgraded ECU)
Saab Sport 2.5" Cat-Back Exhaust
Forge Blow Off Valve
Ported Throttle Body Casting
2.5" Abbott Racing SS DP (no cat for now)
Throttle Body Coolent Bypass
ETS 24x8x3.5 IC
Nordic Stage 4
TDO4-15t 5cm2
Genuine Saab T5/T7 Convert Turbo Inlet
Chassis Mods:
17x8" TSW Hockenhiem R with 225/45/R17 rubber (Bent one)
17" 3-Spoke Aero Wheels with 225/45/R17 rubber
22mm rear Sway Bar
Front Subframe Brace (ripped it off on a driveway:evil: )
Other Mods:
Autometer Phantom Series Air/Fuel Gauge
Autometer Phantom Series Boost/Vac Gauge (only read to 20psi, needed higher)
Autometer Phantom II Series 30in/mg / 30psi Vac/Boost Gauge
^-Wired to a seperate switch to turn on/off on comand
Dual A-Piller Gauge Pod Covered with Stock Headling Material
Disabled Daytime Running Lights
Sylvania SilverStar Bulbs
Full Wood Trim Dash
Mesh ng900 Grille
Cleared Corner Lights
Smoked Side Turn Signals
Saab Catalog Kit(working on it)
MP Short Shifter
Painted the Intercooler Uppipe and Throttle Body casting black
Front Cross-Drilled Rotors
Removed A/C Condensor and Misc A/C Lines
Viggen Antenna

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Model Year: 2002
Model: 9-3 SE HOT Convertible (Blue with Tan Leather)
Transmission: 5-Speed
Mileage: 37K Miles
Location: JHB South Africa
Engine Mods:

K&N Panel Filter
Custom Large intake mod into stock airbox

BSR Stage 3 via PPC

3" Down pipe and 3"cat free exhaust

Aquamist 2D Water Injection

Chassis Mods:

(edit now installed)
6Point Subframe Brace

22mm R ARB

Full set Polly Bushes

Steering Brace

Brembo Sports Kit (Drilled rotors Sports Pads)

Still to come

Strut Brace

Aero 17" wheels

Mesh Grill
Other Mods:

Ipod Photo 60Gig MP3 Audio integration with switch able RF Modulator

Phoenix Gold Amp with 6 speaker system and 12" Sound stream Sub

Boost Gage
LED Indicator for Water injection activation
De bagged Exterior

Custom center arm rest

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Model Year: 1998
Model: 9-3 SE T
Transmission: Manual
Mileage: 51,000 miles
Location: Glos, UK
Engine Mods:
JT 3" Downpipe and full 3" exhaust.
heat sheilding
Carbon dynamic airbox with cold air bonnet duct, 76mm Samco silicon
Forge BOV
New Forge IC
Chassis Mods: MP rack and brace (removed)
Other Mods:
Viggen front and rear bumper covers (in shed)
boost gauge with a-pillar pod (headliner material)
custom carbon-effect roundal badges
abbott racing rear spoiler
clear side repeaters
custom aluminium mesh grill
CD changer (in boot)
rear parking sensors

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Model Year: 1999
Model: 9-3
Transmission: Auto
Mileage: 75000
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Engine Mods: Taliferro Intake, 3" dp, Saab sport exhaust, MBC, SQR Stage 3 ECU (two weeks)
Chassis Mods: Eibach springs, MP rear sway bar, steering rack clamp/brace
Other Mods: Smoked side markers, Saab body styling kit(have, but not installed yet), Audio: Eclipse component door/dash speakers, Eclipse rear speakers, Eclipse 4ch amp, high definition dual 6.5" low freq box.

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Model Year: 2002

Model: 93 SE (B205R) Silver

Transmission: Automatic

Mileage: 56400

Location: Fort Worth, TX

Engine Mods: BSR Stage 2 ECU flash, BSR 2.5" catback, Drop in JR air filter

Chassis Mods: MP Performance rear sway bar, Firestone Firehawk GTA02.

Other Mods: Pioneer DEH-7400MP driving Infinity reference 3.5" and 6x9". ESA 100W amp in pax kickpanel driving Visonik VB60 6.5", SC sticker, union jack fridge magnet ;)

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Model Year: 1998
Model: 900 SE Talladega
Transmission: Manual
Mileage: 137,000 Km
Location: Canada, ON
Engine Mods:
Mobil 1
3" Flared Tube Airbox
K&N Air Filter
Dawes MBC+A
Viggen Bypass Valve
Smoothed inlet on TBTC
Short Belt
removed turbo silencer
Chassis Mods:
MP Performance Steering Rack Clamp & Brace
New Brembo front rotors and Axxis Perf. Pads
GenuineSaab 22mm Rear Sway Bar this weekend!
Other Mods:
Custom Mesh NG900 Grille
5% Tints on back 25% on front doors
Smoked side markers this weekend!

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Model Year: 2001
Model: 9-3 B205R SE
Transmission: Auto
Mileage: 100,000
Location: Connecticut, USA
Engine Mods:
intercooler upper duct
ported inlet pipe
ported exhaust manifold
ceramic coated manifold
ceramic coated bpv pipe
ceramic coated inlet pipe
Smbc (removed )
aero turbo installed
Custom intake with heatshield
Saab Sport Exhaust
Wrapped delivery pipe
removed throttle coolant lines
Forge Bypass valve
custom ground wire kit
cold side intercooler pipe and 2.5" delivery pipe
Polished valve cover
Exhaust manifold heatshield

3" DP will b in on sunday march 6th
Chassis Mods:
9000 upper motor mount
Home made stainless subframe brace
home made steering rack clamp and brace
cross-drilled rotors
Front sway bar bushings
eibach pro kit springs
22mm rear sway bar
stock 24mm front sway bar
custom front strut brace reinforcement
Home made stainless rear strut brace
Other Mods:
blue city lights
mesh insert in lower front bumper
Pioneer head unit
2 8" rockford fosgate subs
new speakers all around
Mesh grille with c900 turbo emblem
A pillar boost gauge custom wrapped with matching headliner
35% side tints 20% hatch tint
clear corner markers
smoked side markers
aero badge on the rear
Viggen antenna with stubby shaft

Spare Di cassette

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Model Year: 1999
Model: 9³SE HOT - (B204R)
Transmission: Manual
Mileage: 175K
Location: Atlanta, GA

Engine Mods:
3" airbox duct mod
K&N 33-2663 Air filter
TBTC porting
MBC + Anticipator
MBC Tapped at TB
Forge FMDVS007P Diverter Valve (Flipped)
9000 Upper Engine Mount
Saab Sport Exhaust
MP Performance 3" Downpipe and High flow CAT
MP Performance Intercooler
MP Performance 2.5" Stainless Delivery Pipe
2nd set of Hose Clamps on IC piping to reduce balloning(on stock Delivery pipe)
MP Short Shifter(In Hand, not yet Fitted)
Viggen Clutch Kit

Chassis Mods:
MPPerformance Rack Brace and Clamp
MPPerformance Subframe Brace
SAS Rear Sway Bar
Cooper Zeon 2XS Tires

Other Mods:
Clear Corners and Side Markers - Mirrored bulbs
Carbon Fiber Interior-Dash, 9-5 Full CF Shift Knob and CF door pulls
Aluminum Pedals
Leather Sport Steeringwheel
Black Mesh Grill and IC opening
Painted Side mirror covers
Porterfield brake Pads
Brembo rotors
Blue Alarm Light

Trunk Spares
DI Cassette
Serpentine Belt
Upper Idler pully
Vacuum Hoses

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Model Year: 1997
Model: 900 SE
Transmission: Manual
Mileage: 143K on body, 5K on engine
Location: Boston
Engine Mods:
B234R engine from a 95 9000 Aero, rebuilt and balanced.
GT3071R .63 A/R
630cc injectors
Bosch Motorsports fuel pump
Spearco intercooler
SQR Stage Silly Power
Viggen clutch and pressure plate
2.5" piping from turbo to throttle body
3" turbo-to-tailpipe exhaust with Catco cat
EGR catch can

Chassis Mods:
Koni sport shocks
B+G springs
Full poly control arm bushings
Genuine Saab steering rack clamp and brace
6-pt subframe brace
Strut tower brace
22mm rear anti-sway bar

Braking mods:
Front: four-piston Brembo calipers from a Porsche 993; 314mm 9-3SS Aero rotors
Rear: 9-5 Aero calipers with 300mm rotors.

Other Mods:
GReddy boost gauge
9-3 grille, meshed

334 WHP, 394 ft/lbs WTQ

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Model Year: 2000
Model: 9-3 Viggen
Transmission: 5M
Mileage: ~50,000
Location: Houston, TX
Engine Mods: None
Chassis Mods:
Poly Control Arm Bushings (Genuine Saab)
Front ARB Poly Bushings (Genuine Saab & Powerflex)
Rear ARB (MP Performance)
Steering Rack Clamp & Brace (MP Performance)
Subframe Brace (MP Performance)
Other Mods:
Viggen Shifter Emblem (Genuine Saab)

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Model Year: 1999
Model: 9-3 SE HOT
Transmission: Stick
Mileage: 80,000+
Location: CT
Engine Mods:
Polished throttle body intake
Insulated delivery pipe
Speedparts CAI
Silicone vacuum lines
Forge BOV
3" Jak Stoll DP w/sport cat
Saabsport Stainless exhaust
Viggen-style exhaust tip
Viggen td-04 turbo
custom pre-intake turbo pipe w/silicone reducer and elbow

Chassis Mods:
Eibach springs
Bilstein Shocks
Rear ARB (Genuine Saab)
17" BBS RK 2-piece wheels (tires YTBD)

Other Mods:
Viggen antenna
VDO turbo boost gauge

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Model Year: 1997 900SE
Model: 2.0 Turbo
Transmission: 5-speed
Mileage: 130K miles
Location: Central Pennsylvania
Engine Mods:
3" intake mod w/ Funnel
Removed Turbo Silencer
Throttle Body Transition Casting - ported
Removed Blow Off return hose & added Check Valve

Delivery Pipe insulation – wrapped close to exhaust
Magnetic oil drain plug

EGR Oil Catch Can

Chassis Mods:
Steering Rack Clamp (DIY)
Dual Rear Stabilizer Bars

Front stabilizer bar poly bushings
Other Mods:
Front X-drilled brake rotors

ShiftUp light disabled
Clear corner lights (DIY, orange plastic removed)
Debadged “TURBO” emblem
Disabled Daytime Running Lights
Sylvania SilverStar Bulbs

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Model Year: 2002
93 se hot
Mileage: 40000 km
Location: Toronto ontario canada
Engine Mods:Genuine Saab Intake
Chassis Mods: MP Performance steering rack and brace, soon to be all new bushings, H&R springs, larger sway,
Other Mods:Alpine cda9831, with XM Radio

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Model Year: 1997
Model: 900SE
Transmission: Manual. SMX-S oil.
Mileage: 100,000
Location: UK
Engine Mods: 68mm Intake pipe. Nomad 2-piston BOV. BSR Stage 3 ECU (when it comes back off holiday in Sweden). Cosworth Kevlar intercooler pipe. JT 3" Cat'd system. Abbott intercooler. Stainless PCV Valve. Stock air filter element. Ported inlet elbow. Taliaferro transmission mount. Engine gas damper. Silicon small pipes. Forge actuator. PTFE inlet spacer. Throttle body cooling/warming deleted (tested to -7C over crimbo).
Chassis Mods: Rear ARB. Lowered. Poly rack bush and home-made brace. Home made stainless subframe brace. Poly rear bushes and some at the front.
Other Mods: 10" Built-in sub in fitted enclosure. Amp under passenger seat. Morel / Audiobahn / JBL speakers. Boost gauge and A/F in pods in glovebox. Brake pads, discs and fluid all new but stock and in need of upgrade.

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Model Year:
1994 Imola Red Ng 900


16v se Turbo



Cambridge UK

Engine Mods:
Piper X Monster spun Alloy Cone filter, 76mm Red SFS silicone inlet pipe.
Forge DV4 Red Alloy DV. Red Silicone DV 'T' piece.
MBC +A. MBC Tapped at TB.
Abbot SS Catless DP.
Jettex SS full exhaust system.
3.7 bar Adjustable Fuel regulator (Completed this coming weekend)
Home done Polyurethane front mount. (completed this coming weekend)
Viggen IC Awaiting fitting (still boxed in the shed :roll: )
Oh yeah all red silicone Vac lines :cheesy:

Chassis Mods:
Koni Adjustable shockers
Eibach pro springs
Double stack rear bars

Other Mods:
ATE power discs (Atom groove pattern)
MP Short shifter
Leather shift knob
Smoked side repeaters :lol:
Black grill

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Model Year: 1999
9-3 S
Transmission: Manual
Mileage: 95000
Location: Chicago, IL
Engine Mods:
-Custom Cold Air Intake
-HKS Super Sequential BOV
-JT SuperFlow 3" Downpipe w/o cat
-JT SuperFlow 3" Cat Back Exhaust
-3" Exhaust Cutout in Center of System
-Dawes Manual Boost Controller
-Forge Front Mount Intercooler
-2.5" Lower Intercooler Piping
-2.5" Delivery Pipe
-2.5" 4 Ply Aramid Red Silicone Turbo Couplers
Chassis Mods:
-Eibach 1.2" Lowering Springs
-Double Stacked Rear Sway Bars
-Summer: Alessio F1
Other Mods:
-Saab Catalog Body Kit
-Black with Mesh Grill
-Custom Front Clear Corners
-Smoked Side Marker
-Porsche Turbo Emblem
-Yellow Fog Covers
-Medium Tinted Windows
-Red Painted Calipers
-M3 Style Mirrors
-Euro Style Off Front Turn Signals
-4" Slant Exhaust Tip
-Custom Projection Headlights
-Custom Angle Eyes Surrounding Projectors
-6000K HID Xenon Conversion Kit
-Dual Gauge Pod
-Autometer A/F Gauge
-Autometer Boost Gauge
-Aluminum Dash Kit
-Push Button Starter
-Cut Shifter Rod
-Sparco X-Speed Shift Knob
-Sony CDX-C680 cd receiver 45x4
-Rockford Fosgate RFP-4112 HE2 12"
-800W SS Amp
-8 Gauge Power AMP Wires
-LED Bulbs Lighting The Sub & Amp

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Model Year: 1995
Model: 900SE
Transmission: 5 spd.
Mileage: Body 160k Engine: about 79k
Location: Northern VA
Engine Mods:
Custom 3"intake
Extrude Honed Transition castings
Dawes MBC
Forge BOV
Forge Wastegate
Garret T28 turbo
Thermal wrapped intake pipes
Viggen Intercooler
82 deg. Thermostat from 9000Aero
Bypassed coolant to throttlebody
JT 3" Downpipe
SaabSport SS Cat back.
Driveline Mods:
02 9-3 Gearbox
Viggen Clutch and PP
Hydrolic conversion
Chassis Mods:
Zimmerman X Drilled rotors
EBC Greenstuff pads
24mm 9-3SE front sway bar
All front bushings powerflex
25.5mm Genuine rear bar
6 point Genuine subframe brace
Rear strut tower brace
Other Mods:
Carbon Fibre Dash
Custom Carbon Fibre mirror covers
Custom Carbon Firbre sidetrim
Carbon Fibre Yankton vented hood
Viggen body kit
Autometer EGT, Boost, Air/Fuel gauges
2 toned Interior trim

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Model Year: 1997

Model: 2.0S n/a Convertible

Transmission: Manual

Mileage: 37000

Location: Sutton Coldfield UK

Engine Mods: 3 inch Abbott exhaust system

Chassis Mods:
16 inch Niche 'Bahn' Alloys
225/45 Michelin Pilot Sport rubber
Abbott lowered suspension

Other Mods:
Body coloured grill
Body coloured bumper inserts
Abbott rear wing
Remote control Sony CD player
Clear repeater indicators
Saab wind deflector
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