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Time to give the 9k some love. Looking for a couple things. I'm in the Bay Area California / Sacramento / NorCal. Feel free to respond here or at [email protected].

1) Brown (Dark Tan) Interior Parts.
1a)Drivers Side Rear Door Panel.
1b) Glovebox, want to replace my airbag.
1c) Seat Covers/ some in good shape? Especially front drivers upper and lower.
1d) Dashtop or speaker covers?

2) Dash Fascia. Black or wood-grain. Ever heard of anyone 3d printing one?

3) Fishbowl/aquarium cover with bolts.
You know, the false firewall/bulkhead cover that you have to take off to get to the ECU and wiper mechanism? Looking for the cover + bolts.

4) Passenger Side Outside Mirror

5) Super Aero Wheels. Car needs tires, so need to buy the wheels before I buy the tires!

6) SAS Sways. Been wanting some for awhile but alas, can't buy them anymore.
May make a suspension thread later.

7) ecodes.
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