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2005 Saab 9-7X Linear (AWD 4.2L) 86K mikes.

I’ve been trying, for last number of months, to track down the source of an annoying and quite prominent hum/buzz/growl somewhere in the drive-line of this damn truck ... my wife’s vehicle BTW.

I’ve replaced all drive-line fluids (front diff.; rear diff.; transfer case; transmission) with either OE GM fluids or top of the line after market synthetics.

The hum/buzz/growl persists and has recently developed a pulse that changes with vehicle speed.

After all of this, I was convinced it was crappy, noisey tires and was preparing myself to purchase a new, higher quality name brand set until I did a rotate and tire pressure adjustment/equalization this past weekend that resulted in no change.

I’ve also done the DIY “feel” test at all four wheels with zero indication of a failed/failing wheel bearing.

I then read some posts on a GMT related forum or two indicating that a “worn” hub assembly can cause these symptoms yet with no indication of a bad wheel bearing.

True or False?

Also, has anyone had issues with failure of their AWD axle disconnect with vehicle mileage in sub-90K range? I’ve been reading about that as well perhaps being the source of this noise.
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