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Windscreen mounting template

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I need the template for where to drill the holes for mounting the windscreen in my 2000 9/3.
Does anyone know where I can download this. I want to make sure I drill the holes in the correct place. Thanks,:)
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Yes, a Saab product.

One drills two 1/2 inch holes behind the front seats on the inner side panel near the top of it a bit below the window. Saab provided a plastic grommet which goes in the two new holes, one on each side. The wind screen is two mesh panels one of which lays flat over the rear seats preventing their use. The second panel is hinged and can be folded flat or upright where it blocks the wind when the top is down. Two spring loaded pins on the sides on the lower panel catch the two new holes in the rear side panels to hold it in place, you see them often on all types of convertibles,


PS; This one on Ebay is a bargain, more like 400 bucks at the dealer....
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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