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ok, first off, I drive a 1993 c900 3 door - now I know this is the 9k forum but i belive that the 9k and the late model c900's share a similar window switch pack. the problem is that even after cleaning my connectors and replacing the switch pack my fuse blows when ever I try to put the drivers side window up. I have no idea to go about fixing a short and would love some insight if anyone knows how to do it.

secondly, but nearly not as important, is that the left switch seems to operate the right window, and the right switch operates the left window - that has me equally baffled.

I've posted on the 900 work shop but it seems that many of the guys on there are running 900's that predate the implementation of a switch pack (the switch pack was introduced on the 1990 + 2.1 n/a's and the convertibles).

any help would be greatly appriciated as currently my car sits, drivers side dood torn apart with a window down - thank god there in no rain in the forcast!



1993 900s 3-door 2.1 n/a
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