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Window Wiper Fluid only works on passenger side. Mystery hole on driver side...

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1998 900S Convertabile:
The wiper fluid on the driver side has VERY poor output: the dual stream travels about 2 inches. Been this way for a while, just getting around to fixing it. On the passenger side it works great.
I checked the fluid line, and there is a hole in the bottom of the three way connector on the driver side. Only thing is this whole looks intentional, like that is the way the three way connector is designed. I can't figure out how the fluid on the driver side is effected, but the downstream passenger side is just fine. Any ideas? Should I just plug it up, or is it some kind of overpressure relief thing?
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The washer jets are probably clogged.

This occurs on all vehicles periodically and is part of maintenance.
Also, I think some check valves may be used, they tend to stick, sometimes can be cleaned..
mike saunders said:'ll be needing the Saab wiper nozzle clearing tool, Part #459445. It's about $30 at the dealer...
This made me laugh; this made my day.. I mean to say we really have some very intelligent people here and with a high level sense of humor...
I used to use a large safety pin; needles were good as well, but too easily lost and painfully found...

PMI, very helpful again.
The washer fluid control device with the tiny vent hole is the reason for the leak in the headlight washer circuit.
The diaphragm cracked on mine ; I'll have to buy a new control valve...
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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