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NewBoySaab said:
I recon the wiring to the switches runs through the central tunnel. Could I rig up a system that would move these switches to where the DIN sized cubby is below the ashtray? Re-route the wires, and build a bank of switches to put in there? Kind of like the ones on a Mk2 Golf?

That's the thought anyway....:confused:
Yes, this is entirely possible. You may even attempt it with the switch bank that you have now, but that may be hard to do (don't know how wide the switch bank is).

If it were me, I would get the separate switches from a older 900 like mine, fabricate a plate that will fit the cubby slot (since it's DIN sized, probably several to choose from that will fit, fab then is just drilling holes for the switches) and wire them up so they line up like this | | |. Flip the switch up for window up, down for window down. Electrically, this is a snap. Aesthetics is the hard part.
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