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Hope you folks can help...

I have a 96 900SE and am experiencing problems with the window/sunroof switches (I think) between the front seats.

Here are the particulars... Right, rear window will not go back up (intermittently) with center console switch but it will go down. The switch on the RR door works fine in both directions.

The sunroof will not close but will open (of note, my kid opened the sunroof by turning a screwdriver placed in the motor shaft behind the access panel in the roof. Kids!!!).

1. Since the motors work on both the window and sunroof, is this a switch problem?
2. Could the switch contacts be dirty from Armor-All getting down in there?
3. Does anyone have the wiring diagram for the connections on the underside of the center console switch assembly (there are 19 connections marked 1-19)?
4. Are the switches in this unit replaceable or must the entire unit be replaced? (Also, how does one open the switch assembly once removed from the console? There is a recessed white nylon screw/bolt in the bottom of the assembly but turning it doesn't appear to do anything).
5. Does the sunroof need to be "re-sync'd" with the switch once opened with a screwdriver.

Any help is appreciated... Rob
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