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My wife's 2003 9-3 has a bad window regulator on drivers-front. I've replaced many on all my cars over the last 30 years, so I assumed this would be easy. I ordered a window regular kit off eBay and took the door apart. The replacement kit was not even close and I'm sending it back.

Thanks to the SaabCentral community, I learned 2 things: first the 2003 convertible has more similarities to the 2002 model and secondly, I could have just bought a set of green Volvo rollers with clip to fix my problem. So, I did buy a set of 4 for $5, delivered! Amazing. I was happily going about installing and I noticed one aluminum part that contains the rollers was scratched and worn down on one end. Maybe it will work with the replacement rollers, but why not replace it while the door is apart? Friends,
I need the following:

1. where can I buy this? New or used, I don't care.
2. What's it called and the part number?
3. Where can I see a parts diagram for the 2003 9-3 convertible?

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