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Hey everyone,

Sorry - first off, I'm really dumb with cars. I don't even know if I'm posting in the right forum, so I apologize if I'm not.

My car is a 1999 9-3 SE and has been giving me lots of problems lately, but today I rolled one of my back windows down and the thing would not go back up. It started making crunching noises when I would try to roll the thing up and wouldn't even budge. I'm able to pull the window up, but it just goes sliding back down.

I tried to pry off the inside door panel, but couldn't even get it to fully come off because I couldn't figure out how to get the part of it off where the lock/door handle is. Everything came off except for this section below - any idea how to pry that sucker off?

Then I found this piece inside the door just hanging around - looks like it's part of the window motor or something that broke off.

My questions are...

1. How do I get that darn door panel off?

2. Is this something that I myself can feasibly fix? Or should I bring it to a specialist?

3. Does the entire window motor need to be replaced, or is that little part that broke off something I can buy and attach?

4. If I bring it in, how much do you think it will be to fix?

5. If I can't afford the fix, can I duct tape the thing up or is there any way to protect my interior until I'm able to bring it in?

Any more info or insight is greatly, greatly appreciated. I'm sick of things breaking on my car and me not being able to fix it myself. Feeling really incompetent and super frustrated right now.

I know, this probably all sounds incredibly stupid seeing as how everyone on this site knows what they're talking about and knows technical terms for everything, but I'm a newbie. So be nice, and cut me a break. :cry:

Thanks again everyone!
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