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I would hate to take it to a scrapper.

Synchros are in bad shape, and I could not engage 3rd or 4th gear - probably a broken fork pin, But I've not cracked the case. The fact that the rear motor mount was completely busted might mean that the old trans is not in as bad of shape as I thought.

I popped in a non-turbo FM54-501 on Saturday. Car seems to like it, and the non-busted rear motor mount.

Unless you need them now, I plan to keep the reverse indicator switch, and the bracket between the rear engine mount and the trans (it's for the updated '97 linkage, and the one in my car is for the old style).

Location: Plainfield, Illinois 60586.

Price: Either an extra SAAB part that you have that I need, some quality beer, some home made cookies, or other interesting or tasty item.
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