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I'm wondering if someone can confirm whether this is accurate or not. I recently got the dreaded P0420 reading when the engine light came on. I took the car (2002 Saab 9-5 Arc) to the shop and they performed some tests on it. It has just over 129,XXX miles. They said that they think the O2 sensors are okay and both cats are bad.

Recently when starting the car and accelerating hard, I have noticed white smoke coming from the exhaust. It is very light and dissipates quickly. After the car has warmed up, the white smoke goes away.

With this recent catalytic converter diagnosis, I was wondering if this could prove to be the answer for the white smoke. Is this possible?

They quoted $320 to replace both cats with a single one that is a universal but 'direct fit'. I'm not sure if 1) it is okay to replace 2 cats with 1, and 2) if the price is acceptable for this replacement.

Thanks for reading!
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