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White / Grey Smoke

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Hi there ..

I noticed white/grey (not black nor blue) smoke comes out the exhaust of my 1998 Saab 9-5 SE when I start accelerating, this does not happen when starting up or when pressing the petrol when the car is not moving, i have checked with the dealer who said that it is something normal due to the quality of petrol we have, and he spoke bout (carbon) in the engine that i didn't understand so much :roll: , and it is something not serious and i have to live with :confused:, to tell the truth i'm looking for a solution friends, i need your help in this please.

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Grey smoke


This happened alot on my old 2.0 lpt ecopower too. I only noticed it after driving in slow traffic for a while, then winding the turbo up on the motorway, after less than 10 seconds, all was fine. I think Finn is rights, just carbon build up deposited in slow town traffic. As long as no blue smoke appears, your OK :D
Use minimum 95 ron fuel, fit new plugs, change to mobil 1 oil and new filter, make sure your air filter is clean. Rexex petrol treatment will clean your injectors and delivery lines.
I do not know what else to suggest. I think you have no concerns anyway as no blue smoke is present. :cool:
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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