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The car: 2009 Saab 9-5 2.3t | 113,000 miles | automatic

The problem: Constant rumble noise when driving. Intermittent (somewhat seldom) whistling noise coming from the front left wheel that goes away when I tap the brakes.

To note, I had a new tire put on and the rotors replaced a couple months ago and the shop never mentioned anything being out of sorts while they had it up or when it was road tested. I noticed a whirring-like noise coming from the rear of the car and decided to rotate the tires as it had been a while since that had been done and I heard the whistle noise coming from front left tire. While I had the car up, I tried shaking each wheel and they all seemed solid with no recreatable noise. Since then there's been a noticeable rumble noise from the front of the car and the same whistling sound comes from the same tire but goes away if I even tap the brakes. Another thing to note, the front left wheel that I rotated back had noticeable wear on the inside shoulder of the wheel, while the rest of the wheel had much less wear.

At this point I've done some research into the problem and found most to say the car needs to be aligned and balanced (along with some camber shims) or a bad wheel bearing. Among the other things that popped up were subframe bushings, tie rods, etc. I had the front pads and rotors replaced by Dobbs about a year ago and have had issues with the rotors warping ever since--kind of wondering if a caliper is stuck. Any wisdom or advice with this issue is appreciated.

Thank you!
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