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hey guys, i have a 2001 9-5. a few months ago, with the help of this forum, i changed my serpentine belt. a few weeks ago, it 'slipped' off at start up. the belt had grease all over it. i took the steps to remove the belt again, sprayed degreaser on it and all of the pulleys, as well as the whole engine area. looking back i did not clean or degrease anything when i replaced the belt. (very much my ignorance)

i've driven it for about 3 weeks now and haven't seen a single spot of grease or oil come onto the belt or any of the engine.

however, now my issue is a slight whining sound coming from the belt 'area'. im wondering if its the bearings in one of the accessories (a/c, alternator, power steering), or if one of the idler pulleys might need replacing. (is there a way to lubricate the pulleys? are they sealed? i believe i may have gotten degreaser into the pulleys also, therefore causing them to now whine without the proper lubrication)

sorry this is a long, winded question.

thank you again everyone for all the information you offer everyone who's a saab owner.
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