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Just bought my first Saab - 9-3 2000 sedan. Two issues with warning messages and lights:
1. Check coolant level on SID occurs each time I drive after about fifteen minutes but no problem with coolant level as above the line. This is annoying but can live with this, if no cheap solution or trick.
2. Seller warned of 'intermittent' problem of auto transmission warning on dash and then car goes into limp home mode. This has already happened once and i had to use gears to drive home. next day the sign was still on but drove fine, then light disappeared... Hoping this is not a regular issue as seller promised "every 6 months"? :roll:

Searching the forum, people suggest that it's worth trying to reset the ECU as the electrical gremlins may disappear. It seems this can be done by either disconnecting the battery or by removing then replacing the fuse relating to ECU, which seems easier option?

I'd like to try this by taking out the fuse.
Advise much appreciated on:
1. Is this a good idea, even if it doesn't solve the problems above, will it create any new problems? Do I need any codes, which I don't think I have, to reset radio, etc?
2. Which fuse or fuses is it for my model? Forum talks about under the bonnet F2 but that seems to be for later model. My manual lists the dashboard fuse box and Fuse 16b, 26, 28, and 34 all seem relevant??? Please advise.
3. How long should I take out the fuse for and then put back? And with the ignition off, etc.? Anything I should know about this that is not obvious?

Loving my new saab and really appreciate any advice. :)

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