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Which DIC should I get for my 06 9-5? / Cold start issues

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Trying to find the closest longest lasting cassette to stock, and came up with two options. eSaabParts has one for sale but it's not SEM. Link here.

Second option is Rock Auto's NGK. From what I've been seeing, some have said NGK made the original cassettes. Link here.

I want the closest option to OEM/SEM obviously. My car has been struggling to start below 65F as of recently, occuring on multiple cold starts, it will either stumble and not start, or if I hold the key it will eventually stumble into a very rough slow start. This is the same car that threw a flashing check engine light when I floored it one rainy day. The spark plugs are however brand new and the type the car prefers.

My friends have said it's either starter related (starter is very tired sounding compared to two other 9-5's), fuel pump related (gas gauge doesn't work, unrelated but worth mentioning), or what I think is the DIC due to the CEL coincidence. My MPG has also fallen from 27+ to 26.0 which I find interesting.

Here's a link to three different cold starts.

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I bought an “OEM” Orio one about 6 weeks ago, it’s been nothing short of amazing. I bought the car and it had a Chinese knockoff on it, this one runs and even idles smoother. Great price too:

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