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As my car's blue smoke cloud gets thicker, I realize that it's time for a turbo rebuild.

Fortunately for my car, I have the sense to outsource my turbo's rebuilding. The swap in/out is will be enough work for me.

So who do you, the great people of SAABCentral recommend for a GT17 rebuild?

I emailed limitengineering, a nationwide turbo supplier and remanufacturer, and here is their response


GT17 turbochargers require special equipment to rebuild a reliable unit. We
do not possess that equipment nor do I know of anyone that does.


John C. Craig
Are you aware of any rebuilders with that "special equiptment?" Thanks!

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Previous plans had called for upgrading my SAAB's turbo. The SAAB used to be my daily driver and my autocross car. Recently, I purchased a Mazda Miata to beat on in autocross. This new car placed my SAAB in the realm of daily driver only. Now, I see no reason for the upgraded performance. I really don't want to deal with the frustration of fabricating oil lines, trying to tune my SAAB, and the additional headache of a new turbo.

Then again, I've already got the HOT intercooler. Maybe I could just get a td04 and use a stock HOT ecu from the junkyard?

Still, I'd prefer to spend about $300 for a rebuild. Surely somebody has the necessary equiptment!!

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Bumping this. Surely someone else has had a GT17 rebuilt!? Maybe this thread should be in the performance section?

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hot_wire said:
Bumping this. Surely someone else has had a GT17 rebuilt!?
Not that particular turbo, but try this shop, which was recommended to me once:

Evergreen Turbo Co
Address: 11177 SE 29th Ave, Ocala, FL 34480 Phone:(352) 347-7837
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