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Wheel vibration issue

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I have a had a problem for a few month that I hoped would fix itself by ignoring it. Since it has not fixed itself, I come to you guys for advice. The problem is this I have been getting vibrations in my steering when I drive at very specific speeds ie. 80ish. However recently I have been getting the same vibartion when I make right hand turns, especially under accelration. If I try to make a sharp turn which puts significant weight on the front driver tire, the steering wheel shakes very heavily and I start drifting towards the wall. I looked at the suspension on both sides and so no obvious breaks or problems. I'm not suire what the problem is and would appreciate advice. I have a suspicion that it is the cv joints or the like. Any help is aprreciated.
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I agree that if its the cv joint the clicking should be there, thats why I wasn't sure. But if it were a balance issue and the balance is that far off, I shouldn't have any smooth driving, should I? When going staright and not accelerating hard or going above 75 ish the car is smooth as glass.

I should also add that I live in new york city and my route to school is in paticularly bad shape so I hit a number if large bumbs every day at a decent speed.
I'll take it in tommorow to have all wheels balanced, and we shall see what the result is.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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