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Wheel vibration issue

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I have a had a problem for a few month that I hoped would fix itself by ignoring it. Since it has not fixed itself, I come to you guys for advice. The problem is this I have been getting vibrations in my steering when I drive at very specific speeds ie. 80ish. However recently I have been getting the same vibartion when I make right hand turns, especially under accelration. If I try to make a sharp turn which puts significant weight on the front driver tire, the steering wheel shakes very heavily and I start drifting towards the wall. I looked at the suspension on both sides and so no obvious breaks or problems. I'm not suire what the problem is and would appreciate advice. I have a suspicion that it is the cv joints or the like. Any help is aprreciated.
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Have you checked your wheels to make sure the balancing weights are still there on both the inboard and outboard sides? Usually when one is thrown you'll see where it had been from lack of cleanliness and possibly corrosion.

Grover said:
But if it were a balance issue and the balance is that far off, I shouldn't have any smooth driving, should I?
I wouldn't think so either, until I got new tires put on last year. Drove the car away from the shop, all felt nice and smooth until I hit 60 mph where the vibration became so violent that the dash was rattling and probably about 2 minutes away from falling off. Returned the vehicle to the place only to find out that the balancing machine had reported the technicial to put 3 times the necessary balancing weight in the wrong place. So 1/3 the weight later at about 30 degrees different placment on the rim and I was back in business. So my point is throwing the balance off could result in different vibrations at different speeds. Even 8 months and a hellish winter later I went back due to wheel vibration and the balance was off again, the weight amounts and their placment had to be redone. So, though it might not completely solve your problem, if your balance hasn't been done in a while it's probably worth the money to go and get it done, I guarantee that the weights will be in different locations once it's been done and hopefully your vibration will be solved. In the sceme of it all this would probably be the cheapest method of crossing a possible culprit off the list.
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2003FXSTB said:
Sacko ... you are probably correct; vibration that is limited to when excellerating is most likely drive train.
I had a vibration while accelerating before I replaced the tires and had them balanced. A mechanic said it could be an early sign of a failing CV joint, BUT after I got the tires and the balancing done (the final version) that acceleration vibration was completely gone.
Mind you that the acceleration vibration could have also been the tires that I had replaced at the time.

One other thing, I assume the pressure is correct and all equal?

Now the only place that I still have a vibration is on long fast corners. In particular the exit ramp off the interstate into my town, its long and curved, get about 50 - 60 mph off of it with a long curve. During that run a vibration forms in the turn. I've never been able to figure it out. Have tried to check all suspension/subframe bolts and all seem well, possibly a sign of an impending failure? Well, can't be terribly impending because it has done that for 1.5 years now...

Good luck with the balancing, hopefully yours works out to be as simple as mine did.
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