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Wheel vibration issue

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I have a had a problem for a few month that I hoped would fix itself by ignoring it. Since it has not fixed itself, I come to you guys for advice. The problem is this I have been getting vibrations in my steering when I drive at very specific speeds ie. 80ish. However recently I have been getting the same vibartion when I make right hand turns, especially under accelration. If I try to make a sharp turn which puts significant weight on the front driver tire, the steering wheel shakes very heavily and I start drifting towards the wall. I looked at the suspension on both sides and so no obvious breaks or problems. I'm not suire what the problem is and would appreciate advice. I have a suspicion that it is the cv joints or the like. Any help is aprreciated.
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not to hijack or anything, but my personal problem only happens when accelerating. i can punch it, and it will vibrate decently, and then pop out the clutch and it's smooth sailing.

to me this has to have something to do with the drive shaft/engine
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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