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Wheel bearings?

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After doing a LOT of research here and on the other Saab site, I've come to the conclusion that I have worn front wheel bearings. I get a pretty good 'pop' noise from the front wheels when turning at slower speeds and braking as well as the front wheel wobble (I've already ruled out balancing, brakes, strut mounts, etc.).

The bearings themselves are pretty cheap - how difficult are they to replace? it something that would be worth taking the car in to the indie to repair - you know, cost vs. time/trouble/chance for screwing up, etc....
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Is it just a lone pop? I have that on random turns. There's a TSB on it. It's basically the spring being slightly larger diameter than it's supposed to and the lower part is catching on the strut carrier housing. I got it after I replaced my front struts and mounts.
It's got to be a combination of things. The ABS situation is weird...
No, I realize the speed sensor is right there. You MAY want to take a look at a thread I just posted on my cruise. Bear in mind I have bad rear alignment and a newfound squeak...
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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