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Wheel bearings?

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After doing a LOT of research here and on the other Saab site, I've come to the conclusion that I have worn front wheel bearings. I get a pretty good 'pop' noise from the front wheels when turning at slower speeds and braking as well as the front wheel wobble (I've already ruled out balancing, brakes, strut mounts, etc.).

The bearings themselves are pretty cheap - how difficult are they to replace? it something that would be worth taking the car in to the indie to repair - you know, cost vs. time/trouble/chance for screwing up, etc....
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i'll start off by saying that i don't know much about wheel bearings, and if you're sure that's what it is i can't help you, BUT

from your description it sounds more like you need strut bearings. these are also very cheap, but harder to replace. it involves taking out the entire strut, and taking it apart. at the very least you'll need a pair of spring compressors (autozone rents these for free). took me 3 hours the first time. got it down to about an hour and a half now. (this is per-side)

decision to bring it into a mechanic is totally yours. depends on how mechanically inclined and willing to work on your car it is. the work isn't terribly complicated, just tedious.
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