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What's this called and how do I find a replacement?

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Hey all.
Just decided to NOT sell my '08 9-3 6-sp combo, and keep it forever. So I'm starting by replacing all the faded trim and plastic that's been sun blasted over the years. Any one know (a) what this is called and (b) how do I find a replacement?
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I would suggest you check out all your local you-pull junkyards. If you find any trim pieces or other items that you want to replace in good condition there, you will pay much, much less than buying new from Orio.

Of course if you're in the southern US, any car that lived its life there will probably have similar damage. However, there are Saab specialists such as Goldwing further north, where trim generally (as a generalization) does not get baked quite as much. But of course the car rusts to pieces instead.
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