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I have a '03 9.3 linear and my two inner bulbs in each assembly would not turn on, ever. The bi-xenon works fine and is on all the time but honestly IMO its barely lighting anything at night so I use my fog lamps or high beam (which is just the bi-xenon shining brighter). I checked the bulbs and they are both fine. No SID codes or headlight malfunctions so I'm completely confused right now. I know they are supposed to work, I checked the fuses that the manual specified, even bought a WIS and I can't find any useful info on this.

Just last night I passed another 9-3 with the same issue. xenons on, and nothing else. First time I ever noticed that on another 9-3 and I realized how ugly that looks at night. It also made me wonder if these lights were just put in to fill space rather than to actually work lol. Does anyone know how to get these lights on? Do I need a T2 to program it or something? I know its not a big issue but it just bugs the hell out of me when I drive at night and its even worse that I cannot find an answer at all.
As HID bulbs age they start to lose lumens, so if you cannot see at night then you need to change the bulbs. Go to and buy a set of 4,300k bulbs. I think an 03 takes d2s, while the 2008+ take d1s. Confirm that before you order.

Bi xenon does not make anything brighter. Bi-xenon activated a shutter in the projector that allows the light to go above the cutoff line. It's not making anything brighter, just allows the light to go higher than normal.

Saabalingus what setting do you change to allow the inner bulbs to turn on with the high beams? I just had my tpms disabled at a local shop and wish I would have changed that as well.
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