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working out a slow battery drain in my car. Dealership did some preliminary investigation on the drain and determined the drain was/is contained with the Maxi 30 Fuse located under the hood near the battery.

They also saw that I added an aftermarket Bluetooth Handsfree unit connecting it to the cars stereo (per numerous directions on this forum) and tapped into a 12 volt source using the aux power connector. The handsfree was installed in 2005 and has been/still is working flawlessly.

Dealership commented some of the IP Harness appeared to be a little chaffed. They asked my permission to remove the aftermarket Handsfree and replace an IP Harness before they could go further. I denied the request figuring I could diagnose going further.

So my net question is what circuits/items are connected via the Maxi Buss number 30 located under the hood near the battery? WIS only makes reference to "Main fuse 2 for dashboard electrical centre" Just for further insight, Maxi 32 makes reference to "Main fuse 1 for dashboard electrical centre". Both Maxi's are 30 amps.

Not sure if this comes into play here but I'm also working on a separate issue replacing the controller module located in the driver door armrest. Passenger window does not work and dealership diagnosed a fault in the window/doorlock master in the driver door. Problem is GM no longer supplying a factory replacement part. I'm looking at remanf and salvage options here. Again don't think this influences my battery drain problem but who knows.

Thanks again
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