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Hey guys, I'm going out this weekend to add another Moose to the Düde Ranch here, and I've come across a '97 900 sitting at the junkyard waiting to be mine.

I have a 2002 9-5 V6, and fixing a Saab isn't new to me. What issues should I look for specifically with this year/model? MSN says it's got a great reliability rating with only the DIC issue being a bother.

The paint looks great.

Interior looks dirty, but good otherwise.

They're asking $1K for the car, and if the issues really are as simple as a vacuum leak, it should be a steal. However, usually there aren't a bunch of "steals" at the Junk Yard. Those folks know what things cost and how much they cost to fix. Hopefully this is just "Saab Panic" and not maximizing their market.

Any help is appreciated. With luck I'll be posting in two forums come Monday. ;ol;
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