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Ok need some feedback on what all of you would do in this situation -

I have a 2003 9-3 linear with just a hair over 50k miles on it that I purchased on May 24th this year from a SAAB dealership here in Wisconsin. So far here is what happened with this car:

Front wheel bearings replaced - extended warranty covered
Battery replaced - not covered
Geartrain Malfunction - car gets stuck in 5th gear (automatic trans) the count on this little problem is now up to 3x as of this last Saturday. The first 2x they have replaced the speed sensor. Now on Sat. this came up again but the real kicker with this is I was driving on a highway doing approx 70mph, no problem really with it being stuck in 5th gear due to the speed. But now the car decides that it needed to downshift to 2nd gear causing - 1. the car to redline 2. damn near give me whiplash 3. almost cause an accident by trying to slow the car down so I don't blow the engine.

So the dealership is going to replace the wiring harness and any sensors associated with it and that should solve the problem but they are not sure what is all causing this to happen (A real big confidence boost hearing that!). Now in Wisconsin the lemon law says that it has to be 4x that a problem occurs before the law kicks in but I have lost total confidence in this car now and feel that it is a safety risk to myself and anyone that may be in the car. Am I justified in asking the dealer to take the car back and replace it with something else or do I let them fix it and take the chance that it happens again?

thanks for any help and sorry for the long post -

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Seen a few cases of bad wheel bearings. Uncommon but not unheard of.

My battery died a little over 1 year after I got mine. Saab's batteries suck. Very common replacement.

From the sounds of it sound like your tranny is on its way out. There is a known issue of coolant entering the trany and killing it. There was a recall to fix some coupling lines to the radiator.

There is also the issue of the car slamming into 2nd or 3rd after driving for long periods in fifth. This happens after you slow to a stop and accelerate normally, the tranny slams into certain low gears. This should not be happening as you are driving at 70 mph on the highway as it seems to be in your case (or I read that wrong).

Have your dealership check the tranny fluid for coolant contamination.
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