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Hey Gang.

I had a 2001 9-5 that was recently totaled at 186,500 miles (may she rest in peace).

I'm shopping around for a replacement and I ran across a 2002 9-3 2.0 Convertible with 50K miles and a clean carfax (no wrecks, original paint), 4 new tires etc. that I can get for cheap. I know the top doesn't work (supposed hydraulic leak).

Not being familiar with the 9-3 I have some questions:

1) How hard is it to find/fix a hydraulic leak in a convertible? I've read stories that its extremely hard and mostly a pro job. Is manual operation a possibility and if so, is it a real pain?

2) What else should I look for? Any tell-tale signs that there are problems?

Thanks all!
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