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What offsets will work, 18 inch 93 xwd wheels

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I have a bought a set of 18 x 8 wheels for my '08 93Aero Combi with existing 18 x 7.5 wheels (with winter tires). Summer and winter tires are 235/45s. two questions
1) I am told that the tires will fit easily on the 8 inch wheels. True?

2) the new wheels have a +40mm offset. Saab specs say +41 is acceptable, and I believe that the current Turbo X-like wheels that the snows are on have a +40 offset. So.. My 8 inch rims, with a +40 offset should be about 5mm or so too close to all the stuff inside (+40mm + 1/4 (~6mm) = 46,
46 - 41 ~5mm. This seems to say I need 5 or 6mm (or 1/4inch) spacers.
Obviously, I'd like to not use them. Has anyone pushed the envelope on offsets, like about 5mm of so. I'm tempted to put the wheels on the car and just see how much clearance I get from all the gear inside.
Anyone try this, or have any sage advice?