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What is Saab extended warranty worth?

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Hello, I am agonizing over the purchase of an 01 aero with 57k miles on it. In nice shape overall. The guy is asking 16.5k, which is over KBB private part price, but the car has 43k left on saab warranty.

Does anyone have a feel for roughy what this is worth? (The car or the warranty)

Appreciate any feedback, Rick
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Hi Rick,

When I bought my 9-5 a few weeks ago, I had the option to get a similar vehicle at a Saab dealer.

The car was a '01 9-5 with 44k on it.

If I didn't want to take the 6 year (only had about 18 months left) or 100K miles, he could knock $1200 off the price. So the warranty is basically $1200.

price for the car sounds a little on the high side..I bought a 2001 Aero with only 42,000 miles for under 15,000..I also bought the extended warranty for 1500.00..Make sure you buy the warranty TURBOS these days do not last..
rickbeau said:
Does anyone have a feel for roughy what this is worth? (The car or the warranty)

Appreciate any feedback, Rick
Well just a turbo over here would be about £1000 GBP ($2000) fitted so putting a value on the warranty is difficult and depends on whether you feel the piece of mind is worth it I guess :confused:
Thanks you guys, A local dealer told me that to add the extended warranty from Saab (only to a vehicle with less than 50k) they charge 1295. Then if you buy it from a private party saab charges I think 50 bucks to transfer.

Anyway, I decided that I would add 500 to my offer to take into a ccount the remaining warranty. But the guy had tire/rim issues (two of the 2 piece BBS rims potentially bent) and would not deduct for the repairs so, I am passing.

Thanks for the feedback.

I can't tell you how happy and lucky/smart I feel to have purchased a certified pre-owned 2000 Saab 9-5. I don't know if this is what you mean by "extended warranty from Saab ", but if it is, it is well worth the extra cost. I paid about 1,000 more for my car with it, but it has saved me on the order of 2,500 so far, including a brand new (free) turbo.

My excellent experience with the local Saab dealer on all my visits has certainly been a pleasant surprise, and I will be purchasing another certified Saab in 2-3 years down the road. I doubt I would ever by a non-certified Saab, since repairs on these wonderful cars can get out of hand rather quickly.
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