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What donor years can I use trunk lid and rear bumper cover for a 2001 95 aero?

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I have a 2001 95 aero sedan and want to replace the rear bumper cover and trunk lid as they were damaged when I bought the car..Just not sure what years I can use for a direct replacement of them as most aftermarket parts places list 1999-2001 as compatible years... (my local salvage yard has a 2000 and an 03 and the 03 is black like my car!!) just want to be sure an 03 lid will fit correctly before dropping coin to buy it!!!)

Thank You!!!!!
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Hi and welcome.
You can use 03 trunk lid with or without lights.
You also can use 1998-2005 rear bumper if you change tail lights also.
1998-2001 lights have extra cover under them and 02-05 bumper contains that part.
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