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I've got my cylinder head stripped to be resurfaced
Have just finished ordering some necessary parts today, $ in Australian,

Head gasket was almost fully blocked with copper stop leak rubbish from the previous owner.

Parts ordered $673
Automatic shift cable bushing upgrade $57
Timing chain tensioner washer seal $10
Exhaust manifold gasket $40
Valve stem seals $43
Serpentine belt $30
Head gasket $54
Head bolts $74
Thermostat $30
Pcv grommet $13
Oil filter $12
Inlet manifold gaskets $25
Carby/Brake cleaner, degreaser $40
Scrapper/brushes $20
Machining $100
Valve seat lapper $10
Seat lapping compound $15
Fluids $100

Tools order $160
Torque wrench $40
Torx sockets $35
Valve spring COMPRESSOR $62
Valve stem pliers $12

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My coolant reservoir cap fell apart, so while replacing it I also added an overflow tube that extends below the car. The stock tube was just 12”. No more overflow on the back of my engine and firewall!

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After adding an Alpine amp and some Saab/Pioneer 6x9 woofers to the rear deck, I still wanted more kick down low. So I went the next step. I discovered an infinite baffle design called a 'ski pass-through infinite baffle' on some bimmer forum. I had a spare channel on the amp, and a sub that just happened to be good for infinite baffle, so I threw one together. It's not pretty, more of a proof-of-concept.

There's a thick foam gasket between the baffle and the back of the seat. Wedged between the floor and with a lip on the top against the steel, it's totally friction-fit. Meaning I can still fold down the back seats and move this out of the way to haul big things when needed.

Still looking around to see if I can remove the plastic pass-through door without damaging anything, though.


I also ordered the last of the items needed for my upcoming clutch replacement.
2161 - 2168 of 2168 Posts