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To add to what can happen when you replace the clutch return spring.

WIS says to push the pedal all the way forward when replacing the spring but if you working on your back so you can see everything you likely can’t get the leverage to do that and instead find you can get it done by pulling all the way back (toward driver) and get it back on but you’ll hear a crunching sound. That is the clutch cruise control sensor collapsing all the way in on itself. It’s not the end of the world because it’s designed to do that for install and removal purposes and you just need to fully pull the plunger back out.

However what will likely happen is one of the two retaining clips will have likely cracked meaning the switch cannot stay seated to do it’s job properly and just needs replaced.

Normal position of the plunger.
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When it’s been crunched in during clutch spring reinstall.
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And the broken locking tabs.
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For install and removal you do have to fully pull the plunger out so you can pull out the red locking collar. When the collar is fully seated it prevents squeezing in the locking tabs for install or removal.

Bluff: When you order the parts to fix your clutch spring consider ordering the cruise control pedal switch too.
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