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what a day...

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I received all of my parts in the mail this week to tune up my car, so I decided I would tackle it today thinking it might take a few hours at most. Everything started out just great, I stopped by the store and bought some oil and then let the car sit while I ate lunch. I then tackled the taillight gaskets which took only a few minutes. I proceeded to change the spark plugs, gaped the new ones and put some dielectric grease on the DIC tubes. Then I changed the air filter with a new Mann filter and pulled off the AIC and cleaned and lubricated it. All this only took a little over an hour and I was feeling good.

I then decided to change the oil. I remembered last time that the drain plug was a pain to get out so I prepared myself. I torqued and torqued and it would budge...eventually only last attempt with an open-ended wrench resulted in a rounding of the bolt :x. I panicked and tried some more, it got even worse, bits of metal just kept coming off. I figured I would try some vice grips, no luck. I even tried a plumbers wrench, but by that point the drain plug was destroyed. I almost broke down out of frustration. I eventually went and bought a new drain plug and purchased a set of bolt extractor sockets. I hammered the right size on and applied some liquid wrench...that did the trick. Then I tried to remove the oil filter (the pricey fram one). It wouldn't budge, the rubber ring had fused to the metal. I went and bought a strap wrench and with my headlamp on finally managed to get it off. I put my new Mann filter on and added the oil.

All this took onwards of 6 hours. It was ridiculous, but the end result was encouraging. My car feels better now than it ever has in the past, but it was a rough day.