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weird idle after driving?

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hi. so my 91 9000 has developed a weird idle.

what i mean by this is i will start it up, idles fine. say i drive it to the store or just do afew pulls on the road. once ive been driving for awhile and get to 1st gear doing say 5-10mph. then the car will idle like crap instead of 850rpm. it will down say boucning around between 500-600rpm.

if i turn the car off then back on it idle beautifully. its really weird. its done this three consecutive times so far. runs very well i might add.

im thinking the IAC valve is faulty or needs a cleaning. anyone agree?

any suggestions?

thanks in advance.

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Cleaning the throttle plate is a routine item, AIC valve can be cleaned at the same time by spraying the FI Throttle Plate Cleaner "around the corner" into the AIC connecting tubing where it exits the intake right behind the throttle plate.
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