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Washer bottle leak...

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Hiya all,

Does anyone have a photo of a 9000 94> with the washer fluid side front wing removed? I'm going to be fixing a friends in the work car park on Wednesday and even though I can pretty much picture it, I'm hoping to be able to do it with just taking the inner wheel arch out.
(all her washer fluid drains out V quickly after bieng put in.. - I reckon it's probably a T-peice...)

Either a photo or a good diagram would be very helpful...

Thanks all :cheesy:

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If you are to take out the washer bottle, you will have to remove also the front right headlight and the grille.
i know you are only tring to help but please use a PM next time ;)

If it's split it's dead easy to repair with JB Weld and some GRP matting and resin for next to nothing.

They tend to split and the bottle to rear support junction.

thanks all, I'll see what I need to replace tomorrow - good thing is, as it's not my car, it's not going to cost me anything :lol:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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