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This is a HEAVY smokers car and has a myrid of problems including the headlights, backup sensors and turbo. The front vent is tie wrapped, someone cut out the center seat belt and the clip for the middle seat belt is gone. The cup holder is broken and the steering wheel has noise. There is something wrong with the AC (either the blend door or the AC needs to be recharged.

There are numerous scratches and it appear someone put goo on the front left bumper. The inner wheel well on the front left tires has been worn down. (accident?). They don't even have the keys to the Thule bars and there is literally no documentation on this car. They don't even have the owners manual.

Did I say that it is a HEAVY smokers car?

I flew down to NC to buy the car and ended up having to get a one way rental car. I am out $400 on this expedition. I am hoping that you never have the same experience as I do. And on top of it, they wouldn't take me to the airport which is 5 minutes away...I had to get an UBER.
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