Selling my 2000 silver Viggen as I’m moving and i unfortunately have no time to invest into it. I have owned it since 2010 always stayed on top of maintenance and the vehicle has many well known parts installed. I also have a spare transmission and a ton of used parts I would also be willing to add in or negotiate into the deal.

Currently I believe it needs a head gasket. The vehicle runs and smokes and misfires. I can get it running and show you it drives if you were serious about buying the vehicle

-koni yellow adjustables
-Vogtland lowering springs
-Poly front and rear control arm bushings
-Poly engine and trans mount including rear mount
-Poly steering rack bushings
-Genuine Saab ver. 2 3” downpipe with race cat.
-Deka 630cc injectors and tune
-Genuine Saab short throw shifter kit.
-Aftermarket Bar plate Intercooler with 2.5”silicone couplers and piping.
-Clear headlamp lenses with projector retrofit kit.
-Genuine Saab 2 point lower subframe brace.
-Genuine Saab upgraded rear stabilizer bar.

I am sure there are more parts im forgetting as I have owned it for so long.