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I'm creating this post for others who are considering a balance shaft delete on a Viggen 2.3l turbo. I searched the net for hours before deciding to do it and there was hardly any posts from someone who actually did the delete. From the handful that I found, 2/3s were probably negative but I did it anyways as it was such a limited sample size. The fact that a broken balance shaft idler sprocket was likely involved in my prior engines demise may have impacted my decision.

I bought a salvage yard Viggen motor with 107k reported miles but timing chain tensioner was at max so I suspect there were many more miles on it.

I replaced: Crank and rod bearings, piston rings (honed at home with flex/ball hone), timing chain, head gasket (planed head), turbo, replaced oil sump pickup screen with larger mesh, seals/gaskets and hoses. Added 3" downpipe and maptun exhaust.

I removed the balance shafts, chains, idler sprocket and tensioner. Tapped rear bearings back to cover oil passages, tapped a plug in the lower rear exhaust side galley (below the piston cooler galley because I could not get a super clear view that the bearing completely covered oil supply), tapped and sealed all oil galleys in the front of the blog and melted close the shaft chain oil hole in the shared chain guide.

The end result is wonderful. Plenty of power and absolutely no noticeable change in vibration at idle. I have a 2.0l 900 turbo with balance shaft delete and the Viggen has a smoother idle.

Given the mixed results from others, it's probable that other engine factors play a large role in determining how badly your 2.3l will vibrate after deleting shafts. Happy to say that in my case I'm satisfied with the results.
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