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Viggen Ride Quality

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I am looking at a used Viggen Convertible. Overall the car is nice but the ride is rougher than I expected. I realize the Viggen is more performance oriented than regular Saabs and I realize the convertible body will not be as stiff as a sedan. The current owner has installed the factory body braces and rear anti-sway bar.

As a point of comparison, I have a 2007 9-3 and had a 1997 900S before that, so I am familiar with Saab. I just got rid of a cherry 1972 MGB so I am well acquanited with rough riding, low slung convertibles. ;)

I guess my question after all of this setup is ... is this typical? Do Viggen Convertibles kind of shake themelves loose as they age? I really want this car but I am trying to remain objective and not buy a buzz box that is only going to get worse.

BTW... the guy is asking $12500 for a 2002 Convertible with 55K miles. According to Edmunds it is a bit high, according to KBB it is about right. Thoughts?

Thanks in advance!!!!
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If the car has the GenuineSaab braces (6-point under engine, rear and front tower brace) I would be worried if it felt unsettled going down the road. If you havn't drived a properly maintained Saab 9-3 vert, I would suggest driving one first. If the Viggen you speak of still feels structurally poor, I would worry about constant track or autoX abuse and would shy away from the purchase reguardless of the miles.
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