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Viggen Ride Quality

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I am looking at a used Viggen Convertible. Overall the car is nice but the ride is rougher than I expected. I realize the Viggen is more performance oriented than regular Saabs and I realize the convertible body will not be as stiff as a sedan. The current owner has installed the factory body braces and rear anti-sway bar.

As a point of comparison, I have a 2007 9-3 and had a 1997 900S before that, so I am familiar with Saab. I just got rid of a cherry 1972 MGB so I am well acquanited with rough riding, low slung convertibles. ;)

I guess my question after all of this setup is ... is this typical? Do Viggen Convertibles kind of shake themelves loose as they age? I really want this car but I am trying to remain objective and not buy a buzz box that is only going to get worse.

BTW... the guy is asking $12500 for a 2002 Convertible with 55K miles. According to Edmunds it is a bit high, according to KBB it is about right. Thoughts?

Thanks in advance!!!!
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I think the more noticeable creaks atc are going to be apparent it any convertible. That's one of the first things I noticed in my new Viggen. Some of them I suppose you could fix by tightening bolts and reinforcing the frame. For the rest I've found 80's metal and other forms of rock music tend to take presidence in my brain over those creaks and cranks ;)
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