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Hi all,

Yesterday I hit a decent sized pot hole and had a few issues. My battery light came on along with loss of power steering. The accessory belt popped off. I drove like this for 5 minutes (about as long as it took me to figure this out) and shut it off at home. It was late so I called it a night.

This afternoon I went out and the belt was definitely off and some coolant collected under the car (a cups worth). I wiggled all the pullies to see if any had play, and they don't.

The one thing that concerned me was the coolant seemed to come from the waterpump. Usually when a car slightly overheats it spits it out the overflow bottle, which isn't anywhere in this region. I am planning on putting the belt back on, burping the coolant system, and driving it on, but this concerned me. And it would explain why the belt came off in the first place...

My water pump spins freely and doesn't have any play. Any ideas or rational why there would be coolant on that side of the engine bay?
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