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Hello guys.
I'm a happy owner of 9000 3.0 Griffin M95.

Couple days ago i've found a very, very, very.... veeeery rare extra for 900\9000. Two days... no sleeping... no food... only me and internet :cheesy:

Kopfhorersystem, headphone jack... or whatever... I can't find that extra in saab catalogs.

Some pics for understanding:

This is a separate headphone jack for rear passangers. Due to that extra they can listen CD or tape awhile driver listenin radio =)
But the promlem is... The cable is just cutted of. So i dont have the pin to connect and absolutely have no idea what does it look like.
And for sure i didn't find a free pin to connect something except
radio antenna, CD, loudspeackers and amplifier on my Clarion M95+.

So please, if anyone knows something about that extra let me know! ;ol;

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It probably connects to the radio via a DIN connector. I can see 5 wires in your photo, and if that is accurate you might be looking for a 5 pin DIN connector:

You need to look at the back of the radio.
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