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Hi All,

I have just finally rebuilt my 1994 Aero engine, new gaskets, gears, chains bla bla, I but it all togather and lowered in into the car engine bay no problems.

I have a question regards the vaccum pipes, on my inlet manifold there are about 4 brass colour pipes that these small vacuum pipes go to, there is alos a pipe with a small plastic bit on it, looks like some sort of oneway valve, anyways, I am not sure how these pipes connect onto the various brass pipes on the manifold, one end i'm sure goes on the centre of the dump valve.

is there a diagram or simply a picture i can follow. I dont want to start the car until I have this complete...I can't wait to get it going.

I was thinking of turning it over with the DI unit unplugged just to let the water and oil get through, is there a procedure of doing a start after a full strip down and rebuild?

Thanks in advance
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