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As we all know these are a real weak spot on these cars...
I'll share what I found on my vert.

So, the usual suspects had perished quite badly - the dump valve being particularly awful - it crumbled into powder at the turbo side of the engine.

It was however MINOR :evil: to the fuel pressure relief valve hose. That runs along the top of the inlet manifold, and had collapsed, split, and perished to the point of having a fuzzy flat hole along one side. Definitely one to sort out.

All the others were ok-ish, but were replaced for 'maintenance' sake. The car runs smoother now, and no more embarrasing 'oops I've just hit overboost' moments, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the throttle spring isnt man enough for the job, under full boost.

Fuel consumption as a result of these hoses has jumped down, around town I'm now getting 23 - 25 dependant on standing starts, and comfortably over 30 on the motorway.

They work paid for itself in less than 1 tank of fuel.

Whats stopping you.?

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