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V4 idle speed with wheels removed.

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I am very new to 1969 Saab Sonett ownership and have sme questions which I hope can be answered by knowledgable members of this forum.
I am awaiting brake pads and caliper seal kits but wanted to run the engine periodically to keep the battery charged and everything lubricated.
I checked the timing and it was very far advanced above 6 degrees BTDC. I will use Jack Ashcraft's timing methd when I can someone to help.
Question 1 With the car up on jack stands and the front wheels removed and pads removed from calipers with the trans in neutral and engine idling at 800-1000rpm the front axles rotate. I can easily stop one axle at a time from turning with my hand. Is this normal?
When I place the transmission in freewheel in this same situation the engine races up to about 3000RPM !
I obviously don't let it rev this high for long but I am curious why this happens.
The transmission shifts nicely through the gears and the clutch seems to work fine. I have never driven the car with the freewheel engaged. Thanks for any help you might offer.
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If you’ve got Jack Ashcraft’s books, you know he’s no fan of the freewheel mechanism with V4 applications and I agree. Installing the lockout sleeve is the bare minimum you should do….
I don't intend to use the free wheel but I am curious about the high idle revs when engaged. I had freewheel on my 1947 Packard and it was an interesting device but much more robust than the Saab I guess.
Very strange indeed! I can't figure it out. The timing is right, the carb idle is adjusted , and the throttle linkage is working. The engine does not appear to be under any load when the FW is locked out. I will look tomorrow to see whether there is an interference bewteen the lock out cable and the gas pedal linkage although I didn't notice any movement in the throttle linkage when I manually move the FW . Interesting for sure.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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