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UTCIS programmable warm-up reg replacement for 8V

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I'm going to get a kit to replace the standard Bosch warm-up reg in my 81 turbo sedan with the Unwired Tools UTCIS-PT and was wondering if anyone else with an 8V 900 (turbo or n/a) has tried this product out?

I'm keen to explore ways to get better control of the fuel side of things in my 8V car and this seems like a novel approach which should yield interesting results.

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Only problem I can see is that it's quite expensive!

For the same money you could buy a fully mappable ECU. For much less money you could build MS kit and also pay to have a fuel-rail setup made for your manifold and pay to have crank and cam sensors fitted. Of couse if you can do any of the fabrication work yourself then take off the costs where appropriate.

I would love to have a fully mappable 99 8v. I've already got a fully mappable 99t16 and it's brilliant. I don't doubt the 99 8v would be brilliant with fully mappable fueling as well. In fact, there is a guy out there using a DTA ECU on his 8v n/a - he's totally junked the k-jet system in favour of the modern ECU setup. Together with the engine hardware modifications he's made the n/a 8v is producing not far off 170hp! Quite incredible! He posts on here as Sonett.
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